Thursday, March 10, 2016

Book Review: The Swallow by Isabelle Joshua

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.
If you like a good love story, stop reading this review and go read this book. It is phenomenal. The Swallow by Isabelle Joshua is well written and just a great read. It has action, suspense, and romance. 

The Swallow centers around Katherine who is a spy for the National Security Agency. Her job is to seduce, without being too intimate, terrorists with information that threatens the security of the United States. Sexy and smart, Katherine is the perfect spy. The only issue is she was blackmailed into the position by her ex-boyfriend Evan and hates what she has to do to keep her nation safe. That is until her next mission, where her target is Alex, a charming lawyer who is clueless about his company’s extracurricular activities. Also, all bets are off on this mission, so Katherine, I mean Ava, has one week to get what she needs from Alex, but what will she lose if she ends up falling for this client?

I love these characters! Katherine is spunky and full of life. Despite her circumstances, she constantly is working to make her life better. In the beginning, we are told how smart she is, but I feel like the internal dialogue she has with herself definitely proves her intelligence. Katherine’s thoroughness and attention to detail backup the impression Joshua wants you to have.

And then there was Alex. Also smart, sweet, and just an all around great guy. His character is the one all men hate because he is so perfect and women around the world will compare their partners with. This makes him slightly unrealistic, but I really liked how compatible he was with Katherine and can’t wait to see how Joshua continues to develop their relationship.

I am not just saying this is a good book because I am a girl and it is a love story. The quality of writing and depth Joshua goes into draws you in. Very few of my reviews say whether or not I physically respond to the book by laughing or yelling because few books can evoke such a strong emotional response from me. With The Swallow, I laughed with the characters, sat up straight at suspenseful moments, and smiled when characters melted my heart (I may have swooned a little too, but that’s beside the point). The characters are well-developed, and the pace Joshua sets works for the plot. Also, the plot twist she plants is brilliant and unexpected.

Fantastic writing, entertaining characters, dramatic plot twists, The Swallow will not disappoint if you’re looking for an entertaining companion for the night. Easily, I give it 5 out of 5 paper cranes.
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  1. Love this book ! I can't stop thinking of Alex and Katherine not a traditional way of falling in love and drama that you don't expect . Looking forward for more books of Isabella Joshua